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Walker's Turkish Delight Thins - 135g

Walker's Turkish Delight Thins - 135g

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Walkers Turkish Delight Thins - A Sweet Fusion of Exotic Flavours

Price: £2.49 per 135g box

 Savour the Rich Aroma and Sweet Luxury of the East.

Discover the Charm of Walkers Turkish Delight Thins:

  • Exquisite Taste: Delight in the unique blend of aromatic rose flavour enveloped in smooth chocolate, offering a taste of the exotic with every bite.
  • Elegantly Designed: Each 135g box is beautifully packaged, making it a perfect treat for yourself or a cherished gift for someone special.
  • Ideal Serving Size: Perfectly portioned to enjoy a luxurious treat without excess.

Unmatched Value

  • Single Box Price: Just £2.49 for an escape into a world of flavour.
  • Save on Multiples: Purchase more than one box at a discounted rate, ideal for gifting or indulgent stocking up.

Perfect for:

  • 🌹 Special occasions
  • 🎁 Gift-giving
  • 🍫 Those who love a touch of luxury in their sweets

Product Details:

  • Weight: 135g per box
  • Flavour: Chocolate-covered Turkish Delight
  • Packaging: Each box showcases the elegance and allure of the contents within.
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