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Walker's After Dinner Mint Thins - 135g

Walker's After Dinner Mint Thins - 135g

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Walkers Mint Thins - Exquisite Dark Chocolate with a Hint of Mint

Price: £2.49 per 135g box

Indulge in the Delicate Balance of Rich Dark Chocolate and Refreshing Mint.

Experience the Delight of Walkers Mint Thins:

  • Luxurious Flavour: Savour the sophisticated blend of intense dark chocolate infused with crisp, cool mint.
  • Elegantly Packaged: Each box is crafted to hold 135g of thin mint chocolates, perfect for personal treats or as gifts.
  • Perfectly Portioned: Ideal for enjoying after dinner or as a mid-day treat without overindulgence.

Exceptional Value

  • Single Box Price: Only £2.49 for a touch of luxury.
  • Bulk Discounts: Enjoy discounted prices when purchasing more than one box – great for stocking up or sharing!

Perfect for:

  • 🍫 After-dinner delights
  • 🎁 Gift giving
  • 🌿 Mint chocolate connoisseurs

Product Details:

  • Weight: 135g per box
  • Flavour: Dark Chocolate and Mint
  • Packaging: Each box is elegantly designed, reflecting the quality within.
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