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Openshaw's Bacon & BBQ Bites

Openshaw's Bacon & BBQ Bites

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Openshaw's Bacon & BBQ Bites - Your Homestyle Snack Delight

Price: £11.77 for a strip of 12 packs

Enjoy the Comforts of Home with Every Bite!

Why You'll Love Openshaw's Bacon & BBQ Bites:

  • Irresistible Flavour: Delight in the homestyle blend of smoky bacon and zesty BBQ, crafted to comfort and satisfy.
  • Convenient Packaging: Each strip includes 12 easy-to-grab packs, perfect for any time you need a snack.
  • Perfect Portions: With 40g per pack, enjoy a fulfilling snack that's just right, without overindulging.

Exceptional Value

  • Great Price: Get a whole strip of 12 packs for just £11.77, offering unbeatable taste and value.

Perfect for:

  • 🏠 Unwinding after a long day
  • 🎉 Gathering with friends
  • 😋 Satisfying a comfort food craving

Product Details:

  • Weight: 40g per pack
  • Quantity: 12 packs per strip
  • Flavour: Bacon & BBQ
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