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Openshaw Pork Scratchings 35g

Openshaw Pork Scratchings 35g

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Discover the pleasure of Openshaw Pork Scratchings, an indulgent snack crafted from top-quality pork and perfected with an extra crunch and perfect seasoning. Fitting for any bar, pub, or evening at home, these timeless, luxurious scratchings provide a unique pub experience that will tantalize your senses and leave an unforgettable impression. Enjoy the sensuous flavour of Openshaw Pork Scratchings: a perfectly crunchy treat of high-quality pork, seasoned to perfection. For a truly special experience, savour them during an evening in with friends, or at the pub after a long day--wherever you choose, this luxurious snack will transport you to an unforgettable world of indulgence.

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